No Credit Option Available

Flexible Payment

Ahns Customs - No Credit Leasing Option

A rental-purchase option available for all of our Customers.

90 Days Early Purchase Option.

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What Can Be Used For Purchases?



Any Product Ahns Custom & Vinyl offers is an item you can lease out.


Tires & Wheels

Tires and wheels are the most Popular leased Item we see coming through our doors. A perfect way to buy now and pay later.


Suspension Parts

Whether you want to Lift your Truck or Lower your vehicle. Large purchases like these offer great benefits for parts and labor to allow for a great financing option.

Here to Help

Ahns Custom has been offering Financing for the past 5 years and can help you figure out the best option for you

Contact the Ahns Team!

Reach out before filling out the application to make sure this is right for you. Remember Labor is not included in a Lease Agreement.

Acima Team

Acima is Local to our State! Call or message for technical and direct questioning.

Limits up to $4000

Same Day Approval! Apply Today, Get Now - Pay Later.

Lease agreements at 12 Months or longer. Setup your own Payments for how often you get paid.

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