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• 17, 18, 20

• Black, Bronze, Grey, Blue

• 5x127 (5x5), 5x139.7 (5x5.5), 5x150, 6x120, 6x135, 6x139.7 (6x5.5)

Introducing the Fuel Ammo Wheel: This exceptional wheel combines striking design with robust performance, making it the ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts. Its unique multi-spoke design adds a touch of aggression and style to your vehicle, setting you apart on the road. Choose from a variety of captivating finishes, from matte black, bronze for a sleek look, to gunmetal for a cutting edge, refined appearance. The Fuel Ammo Wheel is incredibly versatile, fitting a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and off-roaders. Upgrade your ride with this perfect blend of form and function – the Fuel Ammo Wheel.

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PricingSizeBolt PatternOffsetColorCenter BoreFace TypeWeightPart Number
Get a Quote17X95X127-12Blue W/ Black Lip71.5-30.10D79017907545
Get a Quote17X96X135-12Blue W/ Black Lip87.1-30.10D79017908945
Get a Quote17X96X139.7-12Blue W/ Black Lip106.1-30.10D79017908445
Get a Quote17X95X127-12Matte Black71.5-33.00D70017907545
Get a Quote17X95X12701Matte Black71.5-33.00D70017907550
Get a Quote17X96X12001Matte Black67.06-30.10D70017909450
Get a Quote17X96X135-12Matte Black87.1-33.00D70017908945
Get a Quote17X96X13501Matte Black87.1-33.00D70017908950
Get a Quote17X96X139.7-12Matte Black106.1-33.00D70017908445
Get a Quote17X96X139.701Matte Black106.1-33.00D70017908450
Get a Quote17X95X12701Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-33.00D70217907550
Get a Quote17X95X127-12Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-33.00D70217907545
Get a Quote17X96X13501Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring87.1-33.00D70217908950
Get a Quote17X96X139.7-12Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-33.00D70217908445
Get a Quote17X96X139.701Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-33.00D70217908450
Get a Quote17X95X127-12Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-33.00D70117907545
Get a Quote17X95X12701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-33.00D70117907550
Get a Quote17X96X139.7-12Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-33.00D70117908445
Get a Quote17X96X139.701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-33.00D70117908450
Get a Quote18X95X127-12Matte Black71.5-36.00D70018907545
Get a Quote18X95X12701Matte Black71.5-36.00D70018907550
Get a Quote18X95X12720Matte Black71.5-33.73D70018907557
Get a Quote18X96X13501Matte Black87.1-36.00D70018908950
Get a Quote18X96X13520Matte Black87.1-33.73D70018908957
Get a Quote18X96X135-12Matte Black87.1-36.00D70018908945
Get a Quote18X96X139.7-12Matte Black106.1-36.00D70018908445
Get a Quote18X96X139.701Matte Black106.1-36.00D70018908450
Get a Quote18X96X139.720Matte Black106.1-33.73D70018908457
Get a Quote18X95X127-12Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-36.00D70218907545
Get a Quote18X95X12720Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-33.73D70218907557
Get a Quote18X95X12701Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-36.00D70218907550
Get a Quote18X96X139.701Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-36.00D70218908450
Get a Quote18X96X139.7-12Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-36.00D70218908445
Get a Quote18X96X139.720Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-33.73D70218908457
Get a Quote18X95X127-12Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-36.00D70118907545
Get a Quote18X95X12720Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-33.73D70118907557
Get a Quote18X95X12701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-36.00D70118907550
Get a Quote18X96X13501Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring87.1-36.00D70118908950
Get a Quote18X96X13520Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring87.1-33.73D70118908957
Get a Quote18X96X139.7-12Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-36.00D70118908445
Get a Quote18X96X139.701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-36.00D70118908450
Get a Quote18X96X139.720Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-33.73D70118908457
Get a Quote20X96X139.701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-37.40D70120908450
Get a Quote20X96X139.720Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-39.50D70120908457
Get a Quote20X96X13501Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring87.1-37.40D70120908950
Get a Quote20X96X13520Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring87.1-39.50D70120908957
Get a Quote20X95X15020Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring110.1-39.50D70120905657
Get a Quote20X95X139.720Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring78.1-39.50D7012090B457
Get a Quote20X95X139.701Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring78.1-37.40D7012090B450
Get a Quote20X96X139.701Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-37.40D70220908450
Get a Quote20X96X139.720Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring106.1-39.50D70220908457
Get a Quote20X96X13501Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring87.1-37.40D70220908950
Get a Quote20X96X139.701Matte Black106.1-37.40D70020908450
Get a Quote20X96X139.720Matte Black106.1-39.50D70020908457
Get a Quote20X96X13501Matte Black87.1-37.40D70020908950
Get a Quote20X96X13520Matte Black87.1-39.50D70020908957
Get a Quote20X95X15001Matte Black110.1-37.40D70020905650
Get a Quote20X95X15020Matte Black110.1-39.50D70020905657
Get a Quote20X95X139.701Matte Black78.1-37.40D7002090B450
Get a Quote20X95X12701Matte Black71.5-37.40D70020907550
Get a Quote20X106X139.7-18Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring106.1-39.16D70120008447
Get a Quote20X105X127-18Matte Gun Metal Black Bead Ring71.5-39.16D70120007547
Get a Quote20X105X127-18Matte Bronze Black Bead Ring71.5-39.16D70220007547
Get a Quote20X106X139.7-18Matte Black106.1-39.16D70020008447
Get a Quote20X106X135-18Matte Black87.1-39.16D70020008947
Get a Quote20X105X127-18Matte Black71.5-39.16D70020007547
Get a Quote20X106X139.7-18Blue W/ Black Lip106.1-39.20D79020008447
Get a Quote20X106X135-18Blue W/ Black Lip87.1-39.20D79020008947
Get a Quote20X105X127-18Blue W/ Black Lip71.5-39.20D79020007547