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Konig’s Main line consists of all of their wheel options except those which are Flow Formed. Konig has been revolutionizing the wheel industry for over 35 years. Konig’s wheel offering includes all of the tuner / sport compact wheels you have come to expect along with many other wheel offerings for other segments such as Euro, Sport Luxury and even Modern Muscle!

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  • 18″
  • Silver
  • 5×114.3 | 5×100 | 5×120 |5×108 | 5×130

NT03+M is designed with a perimeter brace ring that enhances the wheel strength so it’s able to resist deformation or distortion from outer forces, resulting in highly accurate steering response and strength. The NT03+M also features a racing twin valve design which allows for accurate monitoring while adjusting the pressure.

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PricingSizeBolt PatternOffsetColorCenter BoreFace TypeWeightPart Number
Get a Quote18x7.55x114.337Silver paint72.6-18.53658756537
Get a Quote18x85x10035Silver paint72.6-19.43658808035
Get a Quote18x8.55X12038Silver paint72.6-19.63658851238
Get a Quote18x8.55x114.338Silver paint72.6-19.63658856538
Get a Quote18x8.55x13050Silver paint71.6-19.2365885PO50
Get a Quote18x9.55x114.327Silver paint72.6-19.93658956527
Get a Quote18x9.55x10840Silver paint/ Hyper Silver72.6-19.63658953140SP
Get a Quote18x9.55x114.340Silver paint72.6-19.43658956540
Get a Quote18x105x12025Silver paint72.6-20.53658101225
Get a Quote18x105x13060Silver paint71.6-21365810PO60
Get a Quote18x10.55x114.330Silver paint72.6-2136581056530


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