Ahns Custom is everything automotive. Paint Protection –  Vinyl wraps – Color changes – Window Tinting. Suspension & Engine modifying; Big lifts – wheels – Tires – Air ride suspension – Coilovers – Winter Tires. We guarantee will have you covered from start to finish.


Choose between 3 of the most popular films in the industry, with Carbon + and Ceramic offering more than 50% Heat Rejection.

Protect the front of your vehicle from all that dust and debris that would usually cause paint cracking or rock chips. Easily customizable packages for all makes and models.

Full Color Change – Hood – Roof – Spoiler wraps. We Carry over 5 different brands and Hundreds of choices of colors to choose from.

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Why Choose Us?

Hidden from the main road you may have just found the hidden gem you’ve always been looking for. Treating customers like never before, we offer a very strong positive energy the moment you walk through the doors. We mean it when we say we don’t just treat you like another customer. Like an extended family member, and over 1,000 Google Reviews, Ahns Customers are the greatest in the world!

Favorite Neighbor

When you come to Ahns Custom you aren't just coming in to get work done, you are also going to talk Cars/Truck or Electric. We pride ourselves in the small talk upon completion of service writing. From big plans to small builds. We will help step you in the right direction.

Schedule Today - Get in Tomorrow

With quick turn arounds you won't be waiting 2 - 3 weeks just to get some window tint (other services too), Ahns will always serve at the fastest or earliest convenience.

Carefully Selected Products

No need to keep the cost low and product quality even lower. We understand we can offer a great product and price with a well rounded balance of quality and quantity.

Our Services

Leave it to the One Stop Shop to take care of all your vehicles aftermarket needs. Get more out of a Trust Worthy shop with all the different service offered.

Wheel & Tire

Over 150+ brands we offer contact us today to get the most popular packages on the market Today.


Truck or Car - No matter the vehicle we offer the Lift or Drop desired to make your vehicle that much better.


Roof Racks - Bed Racks - LED lighting - Headlights - Bumpers - Body Panels - ETC

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Trusted by Hundreds of Customers

1,000+ Ratings
Google Reviews
"Okay I'm just going to start by saying these guys are freaking awesome! My wife's 2020 4runner had a bad will that came off her car I needed to be replaced. My wife had a super busy schedule the next day I could not afford to have her car out of commission. Not only did AHN help me out to get the job done until 7:20 p.m. they also were you able to match her rims with the black t r d rims with your super hard to come by and on national backorder. I'm telling you, mechanic shops like this just do not exist anymore! These guys were fast, fair price, workmanship exceeding any dealership I've ever been to, super knowledgeable, and got the job done late at night and in less than 45 minutes. They've made me a customer for life. Hands down one of the best shops in town oh, if you're not using these guys you're missing out. Shout out to Shane and the rest of the crew for getting me out of a bind."
Zach H.
"I’m so happy I found Ahns. They are the most pleasant and customer service oriented shop around. Very welcoming and friendly. Always happy that you are there and always happy to answer questions and make you comfortable with their shop. I’ll be back many times"
Darren W.
"The team at Ahns is friendly, professional, and thorough. They have very competitive pricing, and the customer service is unparalleled."
Michael T.
"I run a business for clients with luxury automobiles. Mainly Mercedes or Porsche level cars. Zach and Stephanie and their team at Ahn’s custom vinyl really do take an enormous amount of pride in their work. I use multiple vendors for tint and paint protection film but more often than not I use Ahns. I’ve had many 100k+ vehicles in their care and even a decent handful of 200k+ vehicles serviced with them. Their prices are not so cheap that you question the quality but not so expensive that you want to shop. They do quality work for a quality price. Something else that I have found that these guys understand is that when a problem occurs it is not about the problem, it is about how you resolve the problem. Out of the dozens of cars that I have had at their shop there are bound to be flaws here and there but I can confidently say they have never left me hanging. Thanks guys!"
Josh S.