Vehicle Paint Protection


12 Year Protective Warranty

Protective Coating

Ceramic coated top coat


6 - 8 Hours Job Time

Premium Coverage


Standard Coverage


Special Area of INTEREST

Full Front Protector

Most exposed and vulnerable for day to day Driving

Pricing Starts: $400

Full Side Protector

Don't forget about the areas your tires may pickup loose road particles and and create damage

Pricing Starts: $400/ Includes 2 sides

Handle Protection

The absolute most traffic area of a vehicle. Next time you walk out to your car, look inside the cup...

Pricing Starts: $25/ Each

Need help in choosing the right Protection Plan?

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) also known as “Clear Bra” helps protect your investment from any outside threat and debris.

  • Leading their industry come Suntek Reaction * which now offers a MEGA 12 YEAR protection warranty vs  5-10 years on other major brands.

  • Gone are the Days of Hazing or Yellowing Film


We pride ourselves in customer service and the passion we have for the skills we have acquired throughout the years. We treat everyone who walks through our doors like a close family member. 

Give us a try. These customers did;

The team at Ahns is friendly, professional, and thorough. They have very competitive pricing, and the customer service is unparalleled.

Michael T.

Google Review

I’m so happy I found Ahns. They are the most pleasant and customer service oriented shop around. Very welcoming and friendly. Always happy that you are there and always happy to answer questions and make you comfortable with their shop. I’ll be back many times

Darren W.

Google Review

I run a business for clients with luxury automobiles. Mainly Mercedes or Porsche level cars. Zach and Stephanie and their team at Ahn’s custom vinyl really do take an enormous amount of pride in their work. I use multiple vendors for tint and paint protection film but more often than not I use Ahns. I’ve had many 100k+ vehicles in their care and even a decent handful of 200k+ vehicles serviced with them. Their prices are not so cheap that you question the quality but not so expensive that you want to shop. They do quality work for a quality price. Something else that I have found that these guys understand is that when a problem occurs it is not about the problem, it is about how you resolve the problem. Out of the dozens of cars that I have had at their shop there are bound to be flaws here and there but I can confidently say they have never left me hanging. Thanks guys!

Josh S.

Google Review

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