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Browse from 1,000+ Color options - More then any other wrap shop in Salt Lake City.

Over 6 Brands Available

Open up your Palette of colors with the array of options Ahns Custom & Vinyl has to offer! Choosing from different hues and shades of your favorite Color is one of the most exciting part of the process.

Our Latest...

Color Changes -

Few projects we got the opportunity to complete over the past few weeks.


- Avery Dennison

- 3M


- Inozetek

- APA Film

- Oracle

Full Color Change

  • Change the look of your vehicle overall without damaging your current paint.
  • 5 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Clean look and Feel. Treat like Paint

$3500 - $4500

Chrome Delete

  • Cover that pesky shinny object along your door handles, windows, front grill, and whatever may BLIND you in the daytime
  • Simple, but subtle change that most overlook
  • Fast and Lifetime Warranty

$200 - $000

Hood Wrap

$300 - $500

Roof Wrap

$300 - $500

Questions about Wrap?

Vinyl wraps typically have 3-5 year fade warranty on the film and Ahns Custom offers a lifetime warranty on Craftsmanship.

Full Color Change: 5-7 Business days.

Chrome Deletes: 1 – 2 Days as each job permits.

Panel Wraps: 1 Day

Jobs can vary so make sure

Vinyl wrap comes in plenty of colors and finishes.

Matte – Satin – Gloss – Chrome – Color Shifting – Carbon fiber – Camouflage 

Brands we Offer:

  • Inozetek
  • APA
  • Oracle
  • 3M
  • Avery Dennison
  • KPMF
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