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Window Tint FAQ's

Commonly asked questions

For most vehicles it typically takes 3 Hours to complete a Full Tint Job – All Four Side windows and the Rear windshield. 

  • We do recommend vehicle drop offs

If you can’t drop off

  • Our Waiting Room is always available with Free Wifi

We can usually get your vehicle in within 24-48hrs of calling or messaging us!

Typically 3-5 days until you can fully roll your windows down.

We offer

  • Suntek Carbon (Carbon)
  • Suntek CXP (Carbon+)
  • Suntek Ceramic (Ceramic)

Passenger & Driver Front Windows: Utahs legal limit is 35% (+/- 5% variant).

Rear Windows: Dark as you would like, no legal limit.

Rear Windshield: Dark as you would like, no legal limit.

  • 5% – Darkest
  • 18%
  • 25%
  • 35% – Utah Legal Limit (Fronts)
  • 45%
  • 70% – Lightest

We do not charge you extra for different percentages of tint.

No cleaning or washing is required or necessary before you’r scheduled appointment.

  • Do consider our tinters will be inside your vehicle so if you have any personal belongings or extra luggage please be aware they may shift around.

Every single line of film we offer has a Lifetime warranty against;

  • Fading
  • Purpling
  • Peeling
  • Bubbling
  • Discoloring

Window film should last you til the end of time!

Bubbling is very common as Window Film is installed with water & a soapy solution. As the material finishes curing the bubbling will slowly go away.

  • Bubbling will usually go away after 3-5 days if weather permits.
  • If after 2 weeks you still notice bubbling, contact us to have us go over any areas that did not properly settle.

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Suntek Ceramic & Suntek Cxp both offer high Infrared (Heat) rejection properties. Please see our Window Film Page for more info on heat rejection and different benefits.


Rain, Shine, Snow, or 100 degrees. We can always tint your windows. Weather will not effect the curing of tint either.

If your vehicle already has window tint installed then we highly recommend a removal and replacement. For a few reasons:

  • Tint does not adhere to tint like it would to a bare glass surface.
  • The tint is more prone to bubble and peel if installed over existing tint.

Do keep in mind many new vehicles will actually have factory stained glass from the dealer. Which can be tinted over and cause no effect mentioned above.

Tint removal is typically charged by the hour at $100/hr.

Paint Protection Film

Commonly asked questions

Typically we have you drop off the vehicle in the morning and then pick up later that evening.

  • Usually 7-8hrs for a Premium Package

Scheduling can be done by:

Yes. Some shops will call it a “Bra” but the professional terms is Paint Protection Film.

We use Suntek.

  • Suntek Reaction
  • Suntek Clear

Learn more 

Though not necessary as we will take the necessary precautions before installing the material, it does not hurt.

  • If you wash the vehicle make sure to  self wash with extra care. No abrasive car washes, please.
  • Leave the vehicle out in the sun as much as possible. The sun will help cure any bubbling or imperfection.

Bubbling is very common as the material is installed with water & a soapy solution. As the material finishes curing the bubbling will slowly go away.

  • Bubbling will usually go away after 3-5 days if weather permits.
  • If after 2 weeks you still notice bubbling, contact us to have us go over any areas that did not properly settle.

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Yes. If your film was properly installed by any Tint shop then even a car wash that uses brushes shouldn’t bother the material.

  • Though we still recommend a brushless or non abrasive car wash as it is still bad for your paint.

On the Suntek Reaction film you will notice it offers a Hydrophobic Top Coat. This is just a fancy way of saying Ceramic Coat or that water does not stick to the surface and begins to bead off. Giving a very sleek surface and finish.

A Kit bra or PreCut bra is Paint Protection film fed through a cutting software that is then pieced together on your vehicle. Kit Packages tend to be a little quicker, cheaper, and saves on material for the shop. We DO NOT offer Precut kit packages at Ahns Custom.

Instead, we offer Bulk installs. A much cleaner and less “seamed in” installation that will look more factory than a PreCut kit would. Even though PreCut kits tend to be cheaper our prices are Very similar & competitive for the extra coverage you will receive.

  • Seamed In: The material is clear and at the end of each cut or where two pieces of material meet are what we call seams. Seams are easily noticeable and have higher chance of peeling or damage.

Make sure to ask what kind of Paint Protection installation method they use.

Matte Paint Protection is this beautiful gem in the industry that has got more and more attention as it will take your factory color and actually protect and change the finish of your paint to a Matte finish.

If your vehicle has Matte Paint already you can now protect it just like you would with regular PPF.

  • Please note if you plan to change your gloss paint to Matte then you will need to cover the entirety of the vehicle with Paint Protection. Which can cost more then a regular Package.

If interested Contact Us today!

Absolutely not! Everything underneath the paint protection will continue to look brand new.

Yes in fact they do. Some popular options include

  • Gloss Black
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Gloss Carbon Fiber
  • Damascus 
  • Purple, White, Grey, Green & Red

Vinyl Wrap

Commonly asked questions

Vinyl wraps typically have 3-5 year fade warranty on the film and Ahns Custom offers a lifetime warranty on Craftsmanship.

Full Color Change: 5-7 Business days.

Chrome Deletes: 1 – 2 Days as each job permits.

Panel Wraps: 1 Day

Jobs can vary so make sure to contact us for proper evaluations.

Though not necessary as we will take the necessary precautions before installing the material, it does not hurt.

A chrome delete typically means you are trying to get rid of all (or some of) the chrome on your vehicle.

  • Typically along the windows trim, front grill, door handles, etc.

Our Wrappers will apply whichever material (usually Matte Black, Satin Black, or Gloss Black) you wish along those areas without damaging or tampering any of the seals or paint of your vehicle.

Scheduling can be done by:

Vinyl wrap is actually a versatile piece of material that does not harm the vehicles finish underneath.

After you are finished with the vehicle or that color choice you can actually just peel off and go back to the original color.

Wrap is also a Perfect solution for chrome deleting because wrap stick extremely well to that particular surface. Unlike paint on chrome, wrap will adhere for the life of the vehicle.

Vinyl wrap comes in plenty of colors and finishes.

Matte – Satin – Gloss – Chrome – Color Shifting – Carbon fiber – Camouflage 

Brands we Offer:

  • Inozetek
  • APA
  • Oracle
  • 3M
  • Avery Dennison
  • KPMF

The simple answer is No. If you wanted to match a door or fender without painting you will not be able to match them exact.

Colors in vinyl wrap are their own Unique finishes.

Just like a Blue from Toyota vs a Blue from Honda. Different.

The short answer is Yes, but it does vary upon job and material. Please contact our sales Team for more details.


Commonly asked questions

Yes we do, but we do charge a fee to install customer supplied parts.

That extra price comes at the expense of ease of process. Damaged/ Missing/ or Wrong parts can all set back everyone involved so we like to incentivize those who shop parts and labor with Ahns Custom

That being said we do offer thousands of products with hundreds of different brands and companies to choose from.

We are strictly appointment based, but we do accommodate Same Day Appointments.

Scheduling can be done by:

From simple Engine oil Changes to Full suspension lift kits.

Here are a few services to list a few:

  • Alignments
  • Oil Changes
  • Lowering Springs
  • Air Suspension
  • Intakes & Exhaust
  • Lift Kits
  • Fender Rolling
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Clutch & Flywheels
  • etc..


We do specialize in certain vehicles more than others, but contact us if you have any questions!

Absolutely. Lots of wheels and tires from packages to single tire replacements.

We carry large named tire brands like:

  • Michelin
  • Bfgoodrich
  • Falken
  • Toyo
  • Cooper
  • Pirelli
  • Patagonia 
  • Nexen
  • etc.

From Truck brands:

  • Method Racing
  • Fuel off-road
  • Black Rhino
  • KMC
  • Moto Metal
  • Hostile
  • Arkon
  • etc.

To Car brands:

  • Enkei
  • Niche
  • ESR
  • Rotiform
  • Vossen
  • Rohana
  • Work Wheels
  • Forgiato
  • Volk Racing
  • etc.


We have an in house alignment rack inside our shop for any suspension work or DIYers who need a proper alignment.

Low Car Friendly!

Alignments are the exact fundamental of your vehicle driving down the road straight. The biggest upside you’ll notice is Tire Wear. Keeping your Alignment straight is vital to keep your steering straight and tires wearing evenly.

We recommend an alignment check every time we do new tires or at least once a year.

Keeping your vehicle up to date on its service record is vastly important for your vehicle to be reliable day in and day out.

Ahns Custom is here to do just that. We base all of our information off of your Dealership recommendations including – Working with every major dealership to provide OEM or Aftermarket parts to ensure you have a reliable car/truck for the future.

Most commonly used for vehicles with altered suspension – Fender rolling will help prevent unnecessary contact between the tire and the fenders lip.

Fender Roll: Rolling the inside lip as flush as you can to the body of the vehicle

Fender Pull: Includes a fender roll, but then is further pulled outwards to give maximum clearance for more aggressive wheels and tires.

A fender roll will not keep your tire from coming in contact with the fender.

What a fender roll will do is prevent your tire or fender from being damaged from the rubbing that comes from the lowering of your vehicle. In most cases this will significantly decrease the amount of rubbing involved. But not entirely.

The short answer is No, but can vary upon different lift kits and makes and models.

But please stay in contact with your dealer to ensure that all necessary questions and concerns are addressed by them.

Almost all of the tires sold at Ahns Custom do in fact come with a Mileage & Road Hazard Warranty.

Process and tire road hazard vary upon manufacture so be sure to ask your sales representative about which tires have them and how long that they last for.

Tire rotations should be completed every 6 – 8,000 Miles.

This service is completed for FREE at Ahns Custom & Vinyl


If you have any more questions feel free to contact us Today!