Don’t Wear out your Stay – Free Alignment checks and more done at Ahns Custom!

● New Tires ● Suspension ● Lift Kits ● Coilovers ● Lowering Springs ● Air Ride Suspension ● Uneven Wear

Stock ● Lifted ● Lowered

All Makes & Models

Best of the Best

Equipment is EVERYTHING

Industry Leading Hunter Aligners  offer the most Technological and Adjustable Equipment on the Market. Ahns wanted to offer the lifted and the Lowered and got both with great precision.

Lowered Cars

With our Extension Ramps we can fit some of the lowest of low cars, and smallest of cars onto our Aligner.

All Trucks & Tires

Whether you just got a leveling kit or installed some 40" tires. Our Sensors will have adequate Range. ● Dually Accepted

Damage Free Equipment

Safety to the Wheel is most important. Our Sensors Clamp to the Outside of the tire.

Laser Precision

3D Targets capture real time adjustments and quick procedures to make your Appointment that much quicker.

Special Services

Convenient – Easy – One Stop

Fitment Alignments

The finishing touch of any Custom job. Dialing up the Camber, Caster, and Toe can only truly be done on the Aligner. That’s our Specialty

Fender Service

Filling up the fender with tire is just about the perfect way to finish an air install. Fender rolling prevents damage to your vehicle and tire.

Air Ride here to ride

Supplied for every kit we install in house is our competitive pricing, from all the major brands. Air Lift Performance, Accuair, D2 Bags, more…

Airlift Performance Kit

Brand New