Fender Rolling

Stray away from Damaging your Fenders!

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Ahns Custom Roll or Pull

Peace of Mind

Look, there’s no way around it. Fender Rolling isn’t on top of everyones mind when fitting wheels and tires. That’s exactly what we are here to do.

Fender Roll

Tucking that pesky lip out of the way so your tire doesn't scream "Hallelujah" every bump you hit.

Fender Pulling

Your Wheel now sits further past your fender then you had initially wanted. Fender Pulling will help put that wheel back inside that wheel well.

Don't Be Confused

Although very effective, Fender Rolling will not stop your car from rubbing all together.


Although fender rolling is very safe to complete, it must be done or caught before the tire has done damage to the fender. Even then there are still small risks involved. Ask a Representative!

Complete the Look

Low Car Alignment Services Available

Fitment Alignments

The finishing touch of any Custom job. Dialing up the Camber, Caster, and Toe can only truly be done on the Aligner. That’s our Specialty

Fender Service

Fender Rolling service is charged on a Per Fender basis.

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Supplied for every kit we install in house is our competitive pricing, from all the major brands. Air Lift Performance, Accuair, D2 Bags, more…

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